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Scrap Lifting with Tiffani

Let’s talk about Scrap Lifting for a moment. Some people may follow sketches, I tend to have a harder time finding inspiration in a sketch. For me I have to see the actual completed creation.

I will never forget when I came back to scrapping. All these people were copying other people’s work… What is going on here? I felt like it was a bad thing to do. Then I asked a question about it and got a lot of feedback from a lot of fellow scrappers. It is something that is considered an honor.

Growing up in a world where people look at you funny when you take their style or mimic them, this was different. I was now surrounded by a large community, where it was accepted and encouraged to mimic someone’s work. Totally mind blown.

In a pinch, this can be incredibly helpful as well. I have had back to back electronic issues. A few weeks ago my phone died.  Then, last week on the middle of scrapping my Selphy failed.  Now this week, as I was sitting down to cut a new file from a company I hadn’t gotten them from, my computer stopped working. Should I get this thing to work I seriously need to consider becoming a computer tech!

I saw a layout on Pinterest by Stephanie Buice. I loved the overall placement of everything and decided to give it a go. For my finishing touches I just adore those chunky cork hearts and the beautiful Sunny Smiles yellow sequins both of which can be found in the shop. My sweet peanut, she loves her pets and from the moment she wakes up you will see on of them at her side. We always say she will be out little veterinary.

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Have you Scrap lifted? How does it help you along the way?

Products used today: Sunny Smiles Sequins, Chunky Cork Hearts and White Paper Doilies

Thanks so much!!


3 thoughts on “Scrap Lifting with Tiffani

  1. Very nice layout – love the florals and the hearts. Which layout did you lift?

    1. thank you so much. I lifted from Sephanie Buice, she did a layout for the cut shoppe.

  2. This is such a fun layout, Tiffani….love the cork hearts, too!!

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