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Happy Birthday Melody

My sweet Melody turned the big 5 on April 5th and we celebrated her big day this past weekend. Sadly she had been quite ill over the weekend, but is now on the mend. Dealing with 3 little ones that ended up all sick was quite hard for my creative side, so I did not end up with a process video for this layout. 

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I have a deep passion for black and white photography. Out of all of my girls, Melody just has this presence about her in her images that screams black and white. My husband and I have always been able to capture the most candid shots of her and I love it.


I used some of the cut outs from my previous layout here and colored over them with a pink gelato stick. I like the dark outline it left.


I just adore these felt clouds from the shop! I have a serious cloud obsession, and adding these to my layout just brings out something personal for me. If I can find a way to incorporate clouds, I will.

20160412_222421My favorite part about layering like this, is tucking things under each layer. The possibilities are endless. I wasn’t sure what I would use these heart for and then once I started this layout I found the perfect spot.


20160412_222323 Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my layout 🙂

Best Wishes ~ Tiffani xx

Products used in this layout can be found in the shop here:

White Lace Paper Doilies

Cloudy Days Felties

Pink Felt-Fetti Heart Die Cuts

Pink Lagoon Sequins

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Melody

  1. Stunning photography Tiffani!!! Plus a gorgeous layout to compliment is perfectly. I adore all your layers and depth girl!!

    1. Thank you so much Jody

  2. It’s beautiful Tiffani! You amaze me with your ability to turn out such stunning layouts while handling all the difficulties of being mom and wife. You’re awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Joyce xx

  3. Tiffani, you captured the moment in such a lovely way….great layout. Happy Birthday to Melody….I hope everyone is feeling better now!!

    1. Thank you Renee <3

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