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Altered letter by Lea

Hi all, Lea’s here :last date of the month for me, and as part of this team. I want to thank Jody for her kindness and helpfulness and I hope our paths will meet again in the future and want to thank all the wonderful creative who shared with me this way.

I decided to play this week with a very recently purchased wood letter.



I sanded a bit ‘because not being rough but already painted, I feared that the layers I had in mind not adhere as I wanted.I applied here and there some   crackle modeling pastes, and when dry I have stretched white acrylic gesso.

Done this I used watercolors, green and tourquoise. I used a stamp with black Archival ink and some white paint splatters . I wrapped the wire around the letter, and in some places I also wrapped the wire around the silver stars from Alma Mater sequins mix and some green,pink and dark grey sequins from Green Machine mix and glued them to the letter.  Finally, I created two simple paper flower that I glued to the letter  too and colored them with watercolors. That’s all. Now you can use this letter for several fun uses…there are no limits to the imagination.

3 thoughts on “Altered letter by Lea

  1. This is stunning Lea! I’ll miss working with you x

  2. Thank so you very much Lea!!! You are such a talented mixed media artist and we wish you all the best!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Lea!! Best Wishes!!

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