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Accent Scrapbooking Product Swap Blog Hop!!

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Happy February 2017!!  It’s just crazy to me that’s it’s February already.  A few months ago Kareen, from Accent Scrapbooking, and I starting chatting about a collaboration and it’s finally here!!  We swapped a bunch of products with each other and let our Design Teams have some fun!  Today the Sparklers and Accent Scrapbooking’s Designers are presenting their latest works of art for your inspiration!  Some of the designers are also using this fabulous sketch from Laura Whitaker!  Katty from the Sparklers found it and we all just love it!  This will be Katty’s last blog hop as a SMS Sparkler as her term has come to an end.  You’ll be seeing plenty of her around though!! Just be sure your subbed to her YouTube Channel and check out the Shimmerz Paints blog too!  You’ll definitely find her over there 🙂  

Below this amazing sketch from Laura, you’ll find the entire Sparklers line-up and the link to the Accent Scrapbooking blog where you can check out their blog hop as well. 


 SMS Blog 

Jody’s Blog

Lisa Kingston

Christy Harriman

Sarah McClellan

Hannah Lemieux

Khristina Sorge

Katty Miranda

Evi Cortes

Sara Scraps

Rachel Stewart

Laura Rumble

Felicia Young

Beth Soler

Crafty Meggy

We know there’s a lot to take in today, SOOOOO we’ve also created a Facebook group HERE!  It’s called “Spiegelmom Scraps and Accent Scrapbooking February “Big Blog Hop!!”  Check out this graphic for the prizes being offer too.  Add yourself to the group and hang out with us all month long.  Seriously, check out the prizes you guys!!  Ok, now you’re off to my blog HERE!! Happy hopping!

Be sure to check out the Accent Scrapbooking blog hop too!  GO HERE!!

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful blog hop😃

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    1. Aweome!!! Thanks so much!!

  3. Woohoo!! I’m just starting to hop along. I can’t wait to see all the great layouts made!

  4. An exciting blog hop… thank you!

  5. This was a fun hop!

  6. Thanks so much for choosing my sketch! I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful entries!

  7. Thank you for all of the inspiration Katty. Great blog hop.

  8. Super, I love the blog hop. Watch and comment on creations

  9. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  10. Loving this hop already! I have a picture that is just perfect for that sketch!

    1. Awesome!! You can share your work in the 15 Minutes 2 Scrap Facebook group!!

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  15. What a great cooperation! Two fantastic companies unite for tons of awesome inspiration! This blog hop is a lot of fun.

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