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How Do I Layer?

May 2013 112

Let me count the ways!  This is one of my favorite techniques.  It’s my fun process of tucking and layering small pieces, journaling cards, doilies, negatives shapes, chipboard pieces, patterned paper, punched shapes or whatever my little heart desires.  I  created this layout using the Memory Works May Express Kit.  It was packed full of Dear LizzyAmy Tangerine and this awesome stencil from Fancy Pants!  I actually cut the stencil into 3 sections to create this banner.  Love!  I added some May Arts red burlap string, Studio Calico Wood Veneers, doilies and Hr. Huey’s Spring Ink.

Here’s how I start my layouts.

~  chose my pictures, patterned papers & any coordinating embellishments

~  decide on my design (grid, off-set, whimsical, etc)

~  I lay out my patterned papers and photos to see what it ‘feels’ like

~  I play around with placements until I like it

~ Then, I adhere my papers & photos down to the cardstock or paper base…..before you do WAIT!!

Here’s my trick.  I only place adhesive in the middle of the paper or photo, nothing along the edges!!  This allows me to tuck other elements behind and along side the photos or papers.   It’s something simple, but it saves me so much time.  I used to adhere elements down then decide I “didn’t like something about it.”  That was a hot mess when I tried to take it apart, lol.

~  Next, start tucking your embellishments around your layout and see what you come up with.   Remember, don’t be afraid to cut those cardstock stickers, doilies and other things in half!!

~  Create a visual triangle around your layout by using small clusters of embellishments in 3 areas around your layout to draw your eye around the entire page.  You can see the focal point of this layout is my daughter, but then in two opposite corners there are small clusters of fun embellishments that balance it out across the page.  See how that works?!

I hope you’ll try this little trick.  I’d love to see what you come up with!  Here’s some close-ups of the little layers on this funky layout about our daughter Hannah and her signature peace sign.

May 2013 113

May 2013 114

May 2013 115

Peace Out and Happy Scrapping!


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  1. Love it! great tips!

  2. Love your tip about adhering in the middle- that’s brilliant for layering! Such a great photo and layout!

  3. This is such a cool page!

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