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Going Golden

Is it cold enough for you yet?!! If you’re wondering why I’m asking, it’s because it was – 21 degrees … yes NEGATIVE 21!! It is seriously freeze your face off cold here is southeastern Wisconsin and I don’t like it one bit.

So, by now I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the buzz on the radio and T.V. about the Golden Globes coming up this Sunday, January 12th. If not, you’re going to hear about right here! Why the heck is this scrappy girl blogging about the Golden Globes, right?! Well normally I wouldn’t because I don’t watch much Tv, but special people and occasions call for some special blogging.


Tonight, a special mommy-prenuer that I have the privilege of knowing is braving this artic vortex we’re under right now and taking herself to the Golden Globes. Her name is Cara Rybarik (Bowman) and she’s the creator and owner of bINK’d Temporary Tattoos for Kids. Cara and I met at Carthage College, let’s just say a few years ago. Although our career paths lead us through separate classes during our college days, we always seemed to cross paths here and there. You see, she married a co-worker of mine and our paths continued to cross here and there over the years. Cara is one of those special people you meet in your life that you may not be BFF’s with, but you just know there is something extra special about them. Always smiling, always sweet. I know you all must know someone like that! Some of you reading this know Cara and know exactly what I’m talking about. To check out Cara’s full story please visit and LIKE her Facebook page HERE. Her complete story in under the “About” section, then click on “more information” to expand the section. Once you read more about Cara and bINK’d, you’ll want to have your kids ‘get bINK’d’ ~ ours girls sure do!!

So, why am I sharing this now? Well besides loving her products & being a customer, Cara contacted me and asked if I could make decorations after providing some examples she found. She asked if I could make them and I was like HECK YES!! I learned that she needed them for her table decorations at…. THE GOLDEN GLOBES on January 12th!! What an honor I!!!!

So, SpiegelMom Scraps (Jody Spiegelhoff) is traveling to Golden Globes in spirit, on the wings of the special banner and pinwheels I created for Cara and bINK’d. I’m so excited that Cara asked me to create these for her and cannot wait to see and share the pictures she takes at the Golden Globes! Below are a few pictures taken before I delivered them to her.

Thank you Cara! Have a fabulous time promoting bINK’d at the Golden Globes and keep on being YOU!!






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  1. That’s awesome! So proud of both of you and the businesses you’ve created!!!

  2. How fun! Can’t wait to see more pics.

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