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Hello again, Jenn the guest designer here!!!  This past week, in one of the Facebook groups I belong to the question was asked “how many unfinished projects do you have on the go”?  Overwhelmingly, the answer was “MANY”.  This is a topic that comes up often in my local scrapbook group, especially when we plan a scrap day together.  We all bring our unfinished December Daily’s, summer mini albums, and Project Life albums and hope that we can get some motivation from each other to finish them.

I, personally, don’t feel pressure to be ‘caught up’ necessarily (is that even possible?) but I have noticed that the amount of unfinished projects I have is growing, and I really need to tackle them.  I wouldn’t say that I get bored with my projects, but just that something new inevitably comes along to steal my focus.  It feels really good to finish something you’ve started, though, so I am going to take all the excitement and energy I have for my Traveler’s Notebook insert of our summer trip and run with it.  I’ve kept my kit out and whenever I have a few minutes I do something in it.  Once this project is done, I’ll keep up the momentum by grabbing another unfinished project, putting a little kit together and leaving it out and accessible.  I can work on it while watching tv, or in between working on the to-do list.  Just 10 minutes of work here and there, will have these projects done in no time 🙂

Here are the two most recent layouts I finished in my notebook.  I started with some texture paste through a stencil to make little clouds then let it dry while I went out to run some errands.  When I got back I used some Shimmerz spritz in Chick-a-dee and smooshed it on the pages, then went and started some prep work for supper while it dried.  I came back and added some Reflections spray in blue, and picked out a few die cuts I thought I’d like to use.  Before I knew it, I had two layouts done and ready for some pretty SpiegelMom Scraps cork hearts and sequins.  I used several different mixes of sequins and I love that I could find all the colours I needed and that they work so well together, to give the layouts some shine!!!  The layouts are simple, but still loaded with little details that make them interesting.

Because I scrap in our living room (or sometimes the kitchen table for big projects) I can’t use this piece by piece approach for every project.  I just can’t leave my stuff all over the place because little fingers will be in to it, but for all my small projects like mini albums and December Daily, this is the way to go for me.  Now to find the trick for how to stop myself from being swooned by new projects before I’ve finished the old ones!!!  How many unfinished projects have you got waiting to be finished?  Do you have a strategy for getting them done?  I’d love to hear it 🙂

Thanks so much for popping by!  To see how I created these layouts please check out the process video

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