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Scrappy Friday – The Giveaway winner is……

Hello there,

This is THE day, it is now time to know who is going to win my Home Decor!

First, let me list the names of the people who took part in it.

1.mjmarmo     2. latanya t     3.Celia Morse     4.Natalie Dill     5.Philippa mccray

Now, let’s ask Mr Random ……

So the is….. LATANYA T

!!! My Scrap deco is yours!

Please post your postal address in the comment below or send me a private message on IG (I’m Scrapgirl22) Don’t forget to mention your country!

Thanks to the 4 other players who took part in the draw!

See you next week for a new Scrappy Friday!

Love from France


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  1. Congrats!!

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