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Doily Shaker with Laura

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Hi Folks, Laura here today with a quick post sharing a fun shaker card.


I was sorting through my sequins and decided to mix the last few from a couple of different mixes together.  I had some pinks from Magical Ocean and yellow and gold from Sunny Smiles.  These were the exact colours of a vase of flowers I had on my bookshelf, so I knew they would work together.  Now that I have completely used up these two mixes I have space for two more!!

I grabbed a doily and carefully cut the centre out using a craft knife.  Rather than use foam tape as I usually would I used glue gel to pop up and adhere the shaker.  I preferred the clear gel in this instance as the foam tape would have shown through doily.


I tied a length of ribbon around the card, and added an extra bow, in colours matching the sequins.  A small stamped greeting finished it all off.  I challenge you to think about your supplies a little differently… what can you make a shaker from?!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love your shaker! So pretty!! Thanks for sharing your ideas! 💖🙋🏼🍂💖

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