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What the……

…………WASHI Wednesday!!


So, who doesn’t know what WASHI TAPE is??  I know there’s a least a few of your either don’t know what it is…. OR… you don’t know what the heck to use it for?  Am I right!?  For the next several {at least} Wednesdays, I’ll be showing you all kinds of ways YOU CAN use washi tapes.

First things first.  What IS WASHI tape?  “WA” means Japanese and “SHI” mean paper, so that’s how we get the name WASHI ~ Japanese paper tape.  It comes in a few different styles: 10mm or 15mm wide, fabric, paper, or even plastic.  I personally like each of them for a different purpose or ‘look.’  The paper washi tape is similar to masking tape or painters tape, but thinner.  You can see through the tape slightly, so keep that in mind when you’re doing your projects.  If you don’t want to see through your washi all the time, I suggest picking up a solid white washi tape.  It will serve as a base for your printed or solid washi so the patterned paper beneath doesn’t show through as much (or at all).

Now lets talk storage ~ I store my WASHI right where I can see it, in the bottom of a metal wire fruit basket that sits on my workspace.  I found mine at Target on clearance for around $7.00. It works perfect for storing my WASHI so it’s close at hand, so this works well for me.  Right now I have some frequently use adhesives and my chunky glitter in the top.  I have a feeling washi may just take over that space too 🙂  I have an order into Memory Works that may include the new My Minds Eye washi tapes.

So, who else thinks school supplies are BORING!!!! This Mom does!  Instead of dusting my house the other day, I decided to decorate my girls school supplies with some cute washi tapes.  Nothing crazy here, just some cute banners and you’re done!  Remember, there’s a lot of washi tape on one roll ~ 10 meters to be exact.  That’s over 30 feet of washi tape per roll people!!  That means there’s plenty to share… with your kids, their friends, your scrappy friends and your hubby.. oh wait, scratch that last one.  What was I thinking!! LOL.  Although, I have heard Brad say “washi tape” my own ears, so there’s always a chance.
Anyway, here’s how I jazzed up a couple of our girls school supplies!

Yes, I wrapped some washi around a pencil 🙂  I used about 2 inches for each wrapped section.

Did anyone have a Bucket List this summer?  If you didn’t, why not have one for this Fall or Winter?  I just covered the outer side of some regular clothes pins with washi and Ta-Da!!

I hope you enjoyed my first edition of What The Washi Wednesdays… there’s more to come!  I do have to tell you that I was inspired by the talented Monica Bradford and her wonderful webinar on washi tape a couple months ago.  Here’s a link to her crafty blog HERE!!

See ya soon for some more crafty fun!!
Happy Scrappin’~

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  1. Cute Jody! Looking forward to more ideas. Love the clothespins.

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