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…………WASHI Wednesday!!

So, who doesn’t know what WASHI TAPE is??  I know there’s a least a few of your either don’t know what it is…. OR… you don’t know what the heck to use it for?  Am I right!?  For the next several {at least} Wednesdays, I’ll be showing you all kinds of ways YOU CAN use washi tapes.

First things first.  What IS WASHI tape?  “WA” means Japanese and “SHI” mean paper, so that’s how we get the name WASHI ~ Japanese paper tape.  It comes in a few different styles: wide narrow, fabric, paper, or plastic.  I personally like each of them for a different purpose or ‘look.’  The paper washi tape is similar to masking tape or painters tape, but thinner.  You can see through the tape slightly, so keep that in mind when you’re doing your projects.

Storage ~ I store my WASHI in the bottom of a metal wire fruit basket.  I found this at Target on clearance for around $7!  It works perfect for storing my WASHI so it’s close at hand.  I also like to keep my ‘pretty’ supplies out where I can see them, so this works well for me.


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