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Oh, so close…

Well, the results are in for the Archiver’s contest.. I was only TWO VOTES shy of winning at the Gurnee location.  Oh well.. I’m a little bummed, but the winner’s tray was beautiful so no complaints here!  I had a great time creating the tray, especially because its for our new baby on the way!  I encourage everyone to enter their projects & layouts when they have a chance.  It’s a great way to push your creative potential!
On the other hand, my best friend Jenn Bennett also created a gorgeous tray for the Madison store and WON!!!!  I couldn’t be happier for her.  So now, her tray goes to Scrap Fest at the Mall of America for the finals in September!! Who-hoo!! I’m so pulling for her to win it all!! 

~~Fundraising news:  my other fundraising items for the Susan G. Komen Foundation have arrived. I posted a couple pics here, but all the pictures of the fundraising items are on my fundraising page.. click on it above and check them out!

Faith & Courage Camouflage Bands
$1.00 each
Pink Ribbon Badge Holder
$3.00 each or 2 for $5.00
*** Next blog post will be a link to directions to make those ribbons roses from a few weeks ago!
Thank you Cami for asking me about them!
Thank you for stopping by again!

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