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Hummingbird {you}

So far so good… I’m somehow managing to keep up with Photo A Day May! May 5 was ‘bird’ & May 6 is ‘you.’
If you aren’t already using Instagram I’m inviting you NOW! It easy to install on your iPhone or Droid so what are ya waiting for, Christmas?! I hope not, unless that’s when your cellphone plan is up & you can upgrade 🙂 In that case, you’re excused.
Stop back soon, I’ll have some projects to share finally!

3 thoughts on “Hummingbird {you}

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  2. Jody! I see YOU and I see the hummingbird FEEDER, but, where’s that HUMMINGBIRD????

    1. I know!! Every time I tried to get a bird pic it took off on me. So, the Hummingbird feeder alone was my last resort:) At least it has the word ‘bird’ in it, lol!
      Thanks for following!

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