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…read all about it.  This year I WILL NOT sweat the small stuff.  That’s my biggest, and maybe only, resolution for 2012.  It’s taken me 35 years to really understand that there are just some things I can’t control. {OOO I hate that}  But, when it’s all said and done, the small stuff don’t mean a darn thing.  I watch my girls and see how fast they are growing…. when did I tell Sari it was OK for her to turn 5 in 2 months!! And since when did I say Hannah could wear big girl undies!  And Abby… well she’s only 7 weeks now, but even that time has gone by fast.  My maternity leave ends on January 22, so I’m cherishing EVERY little moment I’m home with them… even when they’re fighting and driving me nuts, LOL!

Here’s how I decided to spend some extra time with Sari before going back to work. (Hannah’s special day is next).  I taught a craft project in Sari’s 4K class just before their winter break.  Let me tell you… being in a room with twelve 4 year olds all geeked up basically just because they’re 4 was an experience!!  It sure made my house on it’s noisiest day, seem calm.  Sari’s teacher’s name is Ms. Abbey and she’s just awesome.  She is so welcoming to everyone and is wonderful with the kids.  She’s truly a blessing!  During the month of December, Ms. Abbey invited the parents into her classroom to share a craft or other special time with the kids.  I was so excited, as were some of the other Mom’s.  During the month, the kids came home with super cute projects.  I think my favorite was the ornament Sari made for us.  I wish I wouldn’t taken a picture before I packed up the tree yesterday.. next year.  small stuff 🙂


I put together this little project using simple tree shapes, two sided Cosmo Cricket papers (Jolly by Golly), Stickles, May Arts Brown Check ribbon and buttons.  We created this notepad cover for their parents to use at home.  I started with a 5×7″ yellow legal-type notepad (Sam’s Club) and white cardstock.  I cut the cardstock to about 5″ by 9″.  I scored the white cardstock where it wrapped around the backside of the notepad on the top. The notepad is about 1/4″ thick.  I used Glossy Accents to secure the white cardstock to the notepad so the white cardstock would flip upwards.  You should be able to see this in the pictures.  Then, I attached patterned paper, tree shapes, the kraft word “JOY” and finished it with Stickles and ribbon.  Very simple, but cute.



I came to class on December 20th with my crafty kit and ready to rock!  Ms. Abbey and I monitored the glue and Stickles usage while the kids did a great job following directions and making their notepads.  It was fun to see them all turn out a little different.

How will you spend a little extra time this year?  We’re all super busy, but remember to slow down and take a few extra minutes to enjoy what, and who’s, around you.

Happy scrappin!

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