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Working a Project Life Grid with the ‘Wrong’ Sized Pictures

Hello everyone! Jody here today with a scrapbooking problem and just one way to solve it. We all have scrapbooking problems or challenges at times and I’ve definitely encountered this one many times over the last year. I have very few 4×6″ PL page protectors left and a lot of 4×6″ photos! At first glance it looks like I need to go shopping!! Eeek!! That isn’t an option, nor should it be.  In October I committed to a no-spend challenge over in the Victoria Maria FB group and was successful. Yippee!! I was very happy to have not spent a dime on scrapbook stuff this month. I still have plenty of papers to work with, just like many of you out there. 

Alright so, for my PL layout I had a couple 4×6″ photos that could not be cropped down, so I needed to use another solution besides buying more. I laid out my photos across the PL sheet and saw that I could actually cut apart photos and not loose any photo meaning or details. This was huge! After figuring that out I trimmed them in half, rounded the corners and then add them both right into the individual pockets! Sweet!! Here’s how it turned out.I trimmed photos in half that are in the upper left & lower right corners of my Project Life spread. As you guys can see, you don’t really loose any photo detail or meaning by just trimming them in half. They both would have lost impact and details had I just tried to crop them down.  

I added minimal embellishments to these Simple Stories papers & stickers. I only added a a wood tag from the Target dollar spot, enamel dots and some fluffy white felt clouds coming soon to my shop.  I hope you’ll try this out next time your photos aren’t fitting into your Project Life page protectors. It’s a money saver!  

This afternoon we’re off to trick or treat so Happy Halloween to you all & be safe!! 

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5 thoughts on “Working a Project Life Grid with the ‘Wrong’ Sized Pictures

  1. That’s a great tip Jody. I’m not really good at PL and find my pages are just BLAH whereas everyone else’s I’ve seen are fabulous. Perhaps it’s just not my “thing”. Love your hints and tips. Thanks for sharing. Bev. By the way, congratulations on completing the month without buying any scrapbooking supplies (even harder if you have a shop, I should imagine). Well done.

    1. Bev, I hear ya on PL! Some pages I do are very plain, it just depends on how fast I want to get them done sometimes I think. Thank you for reading my blog!! Hugs!!

  2. I am so glad that I am playing catch up on your blog….I love reading your posts. This is an awesome tip….way to go on no spending in October!! Hugs!!

    1. Thank you Renee!! I’ve missed you!

  3. AWESOME tip! Pics are the reason I give up on PL all together!!! I do however enjoy looking at other layouts!

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