Talent Tuesday Shaker TN dashboard

Hello lovely friends! Heather here back with another guest design post! I cant believe I only have one more post after this! I have really enjoyed being a guest designer for SMS!  I don’t know if you all are into the Travelers Notebooks or not, but i am loving mine! Today I have a project making a shaker dashboard for my travelers notebook! This was super fun and pretty easy to make! It was my first time ever making a dashboard! So if I can do it so can you!

First I took a 12×12 page protector and put my travelers notebook on top of it and I left a little room all around it. Then I marked with a sharpie where I needed to cut it. Then I took my paper trimmer and cut it down to the size I needed! I never measure, so this is what was easiest for me. Next I took my fuse tool and fused all around the edges and down the middle, I left the top open so i could fill it with sequins!

Then I took some paper and cut it down to the size I needed. Next I put the paper into the sleeves and then I took Fairy Garden, Sparkle Power, Morning Dew Drops, and the yellow sequins from Free Spirit and poured them into the front sleeve! Lastly I took my fuse tool and closed up the top of the sleeve so that none of my pretty sequins could escape! It looks amazing and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

These sequins mixes are so pretty and I love adding them to every project! They just add the finishing touch to any creation! I hope you all enjoyed this project today and I hope you all head over to the shop and get some of these beautiful mixes! Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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