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Shaken Leaves with Laura

Shake It Up ScrapbookingHey there chaps!  Each time I get a new batch of sequins I fall in love with one of the mixes a little more than the others.  My most favourite of the latest bunch is Falling Leaves.

Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves

For this layout I wanted to use a lot of Falling Leaves to give the effect of, you guessed it, falling leaves.  The name really is spot on!  I pulled out a sheet of vellum and some coordinating supplies from my like for ever kit.  I also cut this months exclusive SpiegelMom Scraps cut file.  I stacked two on top of each other to give me a panel as long as my page and cut it on vellum.


I made my photo cluster and tucked in a doily coloured with the same range of colours.  You must know by know I love to colour my doilies to match my projects and they take every medium I throw at them without any complaints.


When I knew the size I was working with I added some subtle ink work on my background using the packaging technique.  When that was dry I stuck a few Falling Leaves sequins around my page.  I knew with a large shaker pocket in an album most of the sequins would fall straight to the bottom.  By glueing a few around the page I ensured no big blanks, and when you shake it a few of the loose sequins catch on the glued down sequins which is an extra bonus.


I clipped the vellum to the background and ran it through the sewing machine leaving a small gap for filling.  I added and shook, and added a few more, then sewed up the filling gap.

From there it was just a case of glueing all the elements together and adding a few stickers.  I definitely get the feel of fallen leaves in the large shaker pocket, do you?

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2 thoughts on “Shaken Leaves with Laura

  1. Seriously amazing Laura!!! I love the soft yet stunning look you created here. #scrapbookgoals

  2. Wow, awesome layout, Laura. I love the way you captured the moment both through design and those gorgeous elements that you used. ‘Way to go!!

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