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Scrappy Scary Friday!- A Traveller’s Notebook Page

Hello there,

When you read this post, I’ll be on my way to Ireland, ready to celebrate Hallowe’en in one of my favourite countries. That’s why I decided to document this on my Traveller’s Notebook. Please be kind, this is one of my very first pages. I must say however I quite enjoy doing it.As you probably know, I’m French and Hallowe’en didn’t exist in our country a few decades ago. That’s why when I came to live in Wales (UK), and when I opened the door to a …..witch (!!!!)… My first reaction was to scream and slam the door in the poor little girl face…. To my own defence, I have to tell you I was sleeping when she knocked, and I really thought, emerging from my dreams, that she would cast a spell on me…LOL. That was back in 1991, the poor little girl must be around 35 today, and I guess she still remembers her encounter with a mad French person. Not sure this is very good for our reputation abroad… LOL!

To decorate my page, I used the brand new Puppy Dog Tails sequins (to be released on Nov 1st), since they perfectly matched with my picture. I must confess I’m totally in love wih them!

Gradually, Hallowe’en has become a celebration in France, but I have to admit nothing is better than celebrating it in English-Speaking countries where you guys really know what it’s all about! So that provides me with a good argument to convince my family to go and visit Ireland on mid-term holidays. This has become a rendez-vous no-one would want to miss.

Wishing you all a Happy & Scary Hallowe’en!

Love from France!



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