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Scrappy Friday -20 things I like about Autumn

Hello There!

As I told you previously, I love Autumn. And I also love journaling even if I don’t always have the time to write some on every single of my pages.

However, I’ve decided to pay a tribute to my favorite season by taking the time to list what my favourite autumnal things are. Here is my page :

First I decided to splatter some inks on the background, the colors of which remind us of autumn. Then I handwrote my journaling on a wrapping cardboard sheet I had put aside in my scraproom “just in case”. I thought its texture was a good reminder of autumn as well.

Then I dispatched my journaling throughout my page and added my title and diverse embellishments, amongst which the Salt of the Earth sequins.

And that was it!

So just in case you can’t read it, here is my journaling:

Snuggling on the sofa – Reading in bed – A hot cup of tea – Making the most of the sunny days – The blazing colors in Nature – Reading a book – Listening to the wind – Snuggling up with Sardine – Fog – The sound of my steps on a leaf-floored soil – Starting to plan the next holidays – Hot Baths – Wearing pyjamas and socks – Watching the flying leaves – Buying bitter apples and pumpkins – Watching the fire in the fireplace – Making my home cosy – Listening to the rain falling on my roof winsow – Going to Ireland – Planning future holidays.

What about you? What are your favorite activities in Autumn?

See you next week for a next Scrappy Friday!

Love from France!


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