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Paradise LO by Yuliya Khudyakova

Hi! Today I wanna show you my new LO with last summer pics of mine. Today my paradise is gentle, soft, calm, full of flowers and warm sun rays. Today it sparkles a lil bit  and has a restrained color scheme, but always beautiful and cozy.


An elegant woman, a lady, won’t wear a lot of shine on herself. It is for me today and I reflect it  using  a soft sparkling of Moonshine Delight and Pink Royalty Sequins. Today is a wonderful day like any other one)

Thanks for your stopping by! Hugs, Yuliya

2 thoughts on “Paradise LO by Yuliya Khudyakova

  1. I really like the mixed media flowers that you used to accent, Yuliya!!

  2. Stunning!!!

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