Earrings with Laura


Hi SpiegelMom fans, Laura here for my regular Saturday post… although I don’t have a regular SpiegelMom’s project for you!  As a crafter who likes to try every craft I was so pleased to see some beads making their way in to the sequin mixes – I love to make jewellery too, you see.


These sequins and beads were pulled from the Shamrock Stars sequins mix.  You will need basic jewellery findings and tools to make a pair like this, but they are fairly simple and easy to make.


My process went a little something like this; stack up some sequins and beads in a regular pattern on a eye pin and turn a loop in the top.  Take two jump rings – to one add a sequin and the bottom of the eye pin and close up securely, to the second add the top of the eye pin (the loop you just made) and an ear wire and close securely.  And that’s it my friends, you now have a pair of sequin earrings!

It’s always a great day when new sequin mixes are announced, and now I have the added extra of discovering beads too – I’m hoping to make some more sequin jewellery soon!

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