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Hello hello everyone!  I just love getting down on the ground to take photos of a subject up close.  As a photographer, this is one of the must do’s in order to capture that once in a life time master piece, well at least in my eyes, Lol.  So what I did was I got down on the ground for this photo of my granddaughter who decided to pose for me and I love it!  She was so good at it that I kept going later with other photos of her.  If you are a photographer or just like taking photos, whether is getting up high or down on the ground, taking the perfect photo is just something that only happens once in a life time, so cherish those photos that you take and when you look back you will probably ask yourself, ” How did I do that” and then comes the story.

Take a look at this layout, where I was able to use two different kinds of sequins, Pandora’s Ombre and Magical Day in the Park, both are from the Spiegelmom Scraps shop to highlight the colors in the papers and the outfit my granddaughter is wearing.

I used the Amy Tan “Oh Happy Day” collection and yes I still have a lot of it left.  I love it because of its colors. Here is a close up of the sequins Magical Day in the Park. These are my all time favorite sequins.

I also used the Pandora’s Ombre to put in the center of the die cut flowers.

I did the same for this flower, which is partly on the photo and sprinkled some at the top of the layout.  These sequins make the perfect center for a flower!

Then I used some of the wash tape that came with the collection and used it as a border edge around the white cardstock and some on the cardstock.

I just love how these sequins match the papers!  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to get to the Spiegelmom Scraps shop for your own goodies and you can use the code Felicia15 to receive a 15% discount on your oder!  Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Hello everyone!  I remember back in the day when my children were little and I always looked forward to picture day.  I would have the envelope filled out and ready with a check, which happen to be a cycle of many checks for school this and that, boy it’s no wonder we weren’t broke! Lol, well now it is my turn to watch my grand children and receive those precious photos every year.  I scrap lifted this layout from the famous Victoria Marie, where she did this layout on her Youtube channel for her 35th birthday.  I just loved it so I decided to use the format and change a few things around.  Take a look!


In this layout I used some of the papers from the Dear Lizzy Saturday collection and stickers.  The sequins on this layout are called Magical Day In The Park.  The little black diamonds are in the mix and I just love them!  The cork stars are also from the Spiegelmom’s shop as well and they are called Cork Confetti.


Here is a close up of the chipboard title from the Dear Lizzy Saturday collection.


Here is a close up of those cork stars confetti.  Just love the look of these stars.


Then I took a stamp and curved it so that it would curve around the large wood veneer piece. This is the same technique that Victoria Marie does on her layout.


The sequin mix also comes with stars, which I placed through out the layout.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the Spiegelmom Scraps shop and make sure you get your sequins!