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wheel with Laura

Hi Folks, Laura here today.


I had had a bit of a play with my Shimmerz Dazzlerz, doing a little colour mixing.  I had some left over and rather than waste it I smeared it across a blank sheet of cardstock with the intention of adding to and eventually it becoming a background.  Well, I rather liked the starkness of the smear and ended up using it as is rather than adding to it!


I added some acetate and paper by Pretty Little Studio and some of the Lucky Charm sequin mix.

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I loved that at the bottom of the bag of sequin you sometimes get the middle of the sequins or ‘sequin glitter’ as I call it.  I added these to the layout too!


So today’s lessons are:

Grab all your Dazzlerz and mix them on a pallete – they mix wonderfully (and so easily!) and you can make custom colours until your heart is content!

Never throw away the last bits of a paint/paste mixing session – just get it on to paper and it can be used as a background or layering piece, or even cut/punched in to shapes.

Use EVERYTHING that comes in the packet of sequins!!


Use the code Laura15 if you feel the urge to add another couple of colours of Dazzlerz to your collection!  I recommend… well I recommend all of them!!

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Cards for a Scientist

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Hi Chaps!  Laura here today.

I have a friend who is a science teacher with chemistry being her specialist subject.  For a while I’ve been thinking about some chemistry themed cards for her and this is what I came up with…


I have used a combination of these sequin mixes; Crushin’ on Purple, Fairytale 2, Mirror Mirror confetti, Lucky Charm.


And this second shaker card uses Magical Ocean Sequin Mix.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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