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and then this happened

Did you ever work on something for hours and hours, end up with a great final product and then technology just plain sucked that day?!  Well, that was my Monday night into early Tuesday morning this week.  I was super proud of learning a new skill and working on a my layout process video using Photoshop Elements Premiere.  Needless to say by my lead in sentence, that didn’t happen!  At least I have a fun layout to share with you, even if you can’t see me create it in fast motion right before your pretty little eyes. 

By now, I hope you’ve seen the buzz about Clique Kits Summer School kit & workshop.  Today’s layout was created with the beautiful Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection and other Summer School kit goodies.  Even though the actual kits are sold out, you can still participate in the exclusive Clique Kits workshop for only $15 and have access forever!  Yup, for-ev’s.  Just a note, subscribers get free access to our workshop… gave you something to think about huh 🙂

Layout time!  You would have heard me talk about going to this fun petting zoo nearby in mid-July last summer and it being one of the coolest days in July on record…. but oh yeah, that’s right… technology sucked this week!  I have to laugh people!

Jody 008 Jody 009 Jody 011 Jody 013

Thank you for spending your time here today and don’t forget to stop over by the Clique Kits blog … maybe I got that video working…  maybe 🙂

~ Jody

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