a perfect notebook!

Hey all!!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!  You are in for a real treat coming up in July, that’s when I turn 5!!  Well, that’s when SpiegelMom Scraps turns 5 that is…  I’m super excited to be bringing you another weekend of challenges, sponsors, guests and awesome PRIZES!!  Join my Facebook Event HERE and you’ll be sure to get updates and peaks at some of the prizes during this event!  

Today I’m giving a big shout out to one of my wonderful prize sponsors for my 5th Anniversary Scrap Party, May Designs!  She has the most fabulous shop dedicated to customized notebooks and all things stationary! OMG and she has free downloads for your smart phones and desktops on her blog along with other fabulous things you must see!  I just downloaded this for my iPhone 6!!  So dang cute!!!

@maydesigns @spiegelmomscraps

So what started my obsession with May Designs you ask???  Well, I received one of her lovely notebooks for my birthday from my BFF Jenn and absolutely adore it!!  That girl knows what I love!! When I checked out her site, I was in love instantly!  Her designs can fit anyones taste and style, plus include custom background shapes, typography and monograms. This weekend she even has the sweetest exclusive notebook designed for National Donut Day AND its $5.00 off right now!  Here’s what it looks like!  

@maydesigns @spiegelmomscraps

So sweet right!! What’s even sweeter is the she’s letting me give away a custom notebook to a lucky winner in July for my 5th Anniversary Scrap Party! So, mark it in your planners friends!  It’s going to be a fab and fun weekend!!  

You can find May Designs on Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest! 

See you soon!


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  1. Congrats, Jody, on your 5th birthday at SpiegelMom Scraps!! I am so happy for you!! I am so excited….oh, and I love the lovely notebook items you just showed us….awesome!!

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