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Hey all ~ I’m popping in quick {for the 2nd time today} to share an honor that was just bestowed upon me by fellow Memory Works Design Team Member, Cathie Hollins.   Thank you Cathie for choosing my blog!  I’m  honored that you took the time to share my blog on your awesome, and cleverly worded, blog That’s No Scrap

The word Liebster is German meaning favorite or dearest.  To me a ‘favorite’ is something you choose over & over again, like your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite scrapbooking tool.  To be chosen as someones favorite is a true honor that I hope I can continue to live up to!
That being said, I’m now happy to:
1).   Thank the person who gave the award and link back to to their blog…..check!
2).  Copy and paste the award to my blog…check!
3).  Reveal the 5 blogs I’ve chosen to award the Liebster Blog Award too, and let them know by posting on their blogs…checkity check check!
4).  Hope they pay it forward by accepting and awarding it to bloggers they would like to honor.  
The only ‘rule’ is to choose a blog with less than 200 followers….that still my choices very difficult!

Here are my pics!  These girls do ROCK!
Jade  @ The Scrap Yard Rose

Jodi @ Talking Twine and Trim

Kristin @ Some Scrap Sugar

Wilna @ Precious Moments

Debby @ Scrap Soul

Please stop by their blogs, follow them & show some bloggin’ love!

Thank again!

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