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Altered letter by Lea

Hi all, Lea’s here :last date of the month for me, and as part of this team. I want to thank Jody for her kindness and helpfulness and I hope our paths will meet again in the future and want to thank all the wonderful creative who shared with me this way.

I decided to play this week with a very recently purchased wood letter.



I sanded a bit ‘because not being rough but already painted, I feared that the layers I had in mind not adhere as I wanted.I applied here and there some   crackle modeling pastes, and when dry I have stretched white acrylic gesso.

Done this I used watercolors, green and tourquoise. I used a stamp with black Archival ink and some white paint splatters . I wrapped the wire around the letter, and in some places I also wrapped the wire around the silver stars from Alma Mater sequins mix and some green,pink and dark grey sequins from Green Machine mix and glued them to the letter.  Finally, I created two simple paper flower that I glued to the letter  too and colored them with watercolors. That’s all. Now you can use this letter for several fun uses…there are no limits to the imagination.

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Seriously layout by Lea

Hello girls, Lea ‘s here and waiting for the big event on Saturday, here I am for the weekly usual appointment. Today I made a mixedmedia layout …It is known my last passion for GELLI printing plate:I printed several levels, with different colors: the paper I used is not smooth but quite rough and this gives the press a grungy and pictorial effect that I really liked to use it as the basis of my project. After I adding some different stamping with Black Archival ink, some splashes of color and two sequin mix (Sunny smile and A Day in the woods),all this give greater relief to the focal point of my page, where build the whole composition.

I used some patterned paper and a paper doily, that I split in half, as the basis for the  photo, I added thickness cardboard and on two glassine bags  for a transparent effect that befits the very background style: at the end, I added the photo.

Then  I shot several times of the  white twine around this layering to highlight the photo  and  as last steps I added the title.




seriodet seriodet4

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Hello card by Lea

Hi all, Lea’s here. I made a card to accompany a small gift for a friend … a printing with GELLI plate suggested me to use it to create the base of the card, I distressed all sides and I created two snatches from which come out  pieces of lace. I attached this base to a slightly larger cardstock and to which I attached the washi tape all along the perimeter, so as to create a frame to the printed base. I added half doily paper  and the net, and in the middle I created  a thickness with cardboard and  where I attacked a cutout printed clipping and I added the sentiment. Two delicious clothespins enrich the title. I added to complete the new and beautiful sequins mix, Alma Mater.

hello CARDhellodet2hellodet3hello det


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Fly tags by Lea

Hi all, Lea’s here: for my appointment today I created a set of three mini tags. Lately my passion exploded for Gelli plate so I decided to use my first experiments to create the base of my tags. So I cut from my print slightly smaller tag than basic and I pasted above, then I added some stamping and some white splashes. Then I added various embellishments, but especially some beautiful blue felt feathers, and one of the new mix of sequins: the one I used contains 5 different sequins as color, shape and size.

tags fly

fly det

fly det3

From the shop :

Shipping tags

Felt Feathers

Magical Day in the Park mix sequins

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Hi all, Lea’s here :today’s proposal is a couple of ATC  very easy and fast to say “thank you”.
I cut from cardboard two ATC (6.35 cm x 8.89) and I proceeded to each of the two in a very similar way. With the cotton thread I created an irregular circle and on it I applied the little stars of different colors and sizes giving the feeling of a small wreath; in the center I placed a wooden heart.
I have handwritten “thank you” and finally I splashed the color matched with the thread of the garland.
This project is very simple and quick to make a small thank-you card to accompany a gift or just to say “thank you”


atc det

atc det2

From the shop. I used

green, red and silver star from three different  sequin mix ( Shamrock stars, Christmas Wishes , Magical Ocean)

Wooden hearts

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Album/journal cover by Lea

Good  Thursday girls, today a little late but I hope you enjoy my project : it’s the cover of an album / journal on which I am working. The cover is completely handmade made with recovery cardboard  and cotton fabric. Once I built the cover I painted, printed and embellished it with stencils and different Shimmerz  colors. The result is very colorful and sparkling, thanks to the sequins that I put here and there to give light points. To complete the cover instead I used embellishments (doily, shipping tags, mini Clothspins, die cut) from the neutral color, so the cover did not appear too heavy. I have a lot of fun doing it.

Next album /  journal completed. See you soon and good creativity for all. xoxo Lea


cover det3cover det1

cover det2

cover det1

I used from the shop:

Shimmerz paint ( Sea U in the morning , Tutti Frutti , Dreamscicle )

Shipping TagsPaper doily

Mini Clothspins 

Sequins mix

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ATC’s set: #photolovers

Hi girl, Lea’s here to show you my last project: this time I made a set of three ATC. I created three rectangles with a white cloth on which I spread with the brush a clear gel. Once dry, I used watercolors to create the background and immediately after I created an accent with the Shimmerz paint through a stencil. Quite simply I used bits of patterned paper, adding even a little thick. Finally I placed there a cork heart and a mini camera wooden machine, all wrapped with the municipality of cotton thread. I added the tiny gold stars that made the card very glittering

atcatc det1
atc det3

atc det2

I used

Shimmerz paint 

Cork hearts

Gold stars

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So beautiful

Hi everyone, Lea is here today to show you my project made with the amazing embellishments from the shop…. come to visit


I used a black cardboard on which I used Versamark through a stencil on which I embossed with white embossing powder. With another stencil I used instead Shimmerz paint. This is the background against which I have built various levels, using different patterned papers and adding the thickness even.

I then added various embellishments from the shop to decorate my page, the beautiful cork butterflies, bright sequins, delicious clothespins, tags and doily, and twine

so det5

so det

so det2 so det3 so det4

From the shop

Sea U in the morning – Shimmerz paint

Paper doily and Shipping tag

Cork butterflies and Wood clothespins


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Smile tag by Lea

Hello everyone … Lea here to offer you a very merry tag to give to those we care about and who we want to draw a smile.
I painted a large shipping tag with black gesso, once dry I embossed it completely with white embossing powder from a beautiful alphabet of Tim Holtz.
I then proceeded to do as I like. I created a layering with patterned paper, doily, twine, alternating different thicknesses.

I completed with sequins,  hearts and stars in felt  .

tag smile





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Over the look layout by Lea

Hello girls, Lea here today and i want to sharenel which I used a lot of embellishments that you can find in our shop …
Well, I have prepared my patterned paper with various stamps and embossing powder white (alphabet, borders, floral elements) and various splashes of color (green, turquoise and white. Once prepared the base, I started working on the construction of various levels: I used shipping tags, patterned paper, doily, adding various thicknesses to create more movement to the composition. finally, I added the various embellishments, to enrich and emphasize here and there.

overthelookover det3

over det4over detover det2

Shipping tags

Paper doily

Cork Heart

Mini clothpins


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Star tags by Lea

Hi beautiful people, Lea here…I made a set of three mini shipping tags.

tagstarsI colored with black gesso the tag, once dry I used Shimmerz paste through a stencil. With a punch in a star shape I cut a piece of square  pattern paper to which I added a little thick: inside the star-shaped hole I “designed” with glue a star making to join the tiny gold sequins. To accentuate this sparkling point I created a circular shape with the twine wrapping it several times.Then I added the title, some other tiny gold sequins and beautiful silvery starlets.
These tags are very simple and very easy to make but very bright for sure.

tagstars det4

tagstars det5

ShiShipping Tags

Shimmerz Paint, Gold Mine Texturez

Gold Sturdust sequins

Have fun

xoxo Lea

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Simply beautiful layout by Lea

Hi all, Lea here…another month together and this weekend and throughout the month will be full of beautiful things for which just keep an eye on …
I like very much to take pictures and one of the subjects that I like to photograph there are flowers and for that event I wanted to “celebrate” the beauty of nature in all its simplicity.
My starting point is a beautiful patterned paper: I added the texture paste using a stencil and washi tape.
I then added with other different patterned paper, alternating with shipping tags, a doily crochet; I added some beautiful round sequins and hearts of felt, white and pink. I completed the page with the white splatters and some little doodle and title.simplyb

simplyb det simplyb det2

simplyb det3 simplyb det4

From the shop:

Shimmerz paint Gold Mine Texturez

Shipping tags

Jack Frost flat sequins

Fetti Felt-fetti Die cut

Have fun, xoxo Lea

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Love tags by Lea

Hi all, Lea here…last date of the month with two mini tags.


I used two mini white shipping  tags; I left one white, the other I cut a few millimeters all around and I painted with black gesso, once dry I drew with a flat brush and Gold Mine Shimmerz paste three vertical stripes. I added splashes of acrylic, gold and white.

This is the base of the tags: I created a layering with the patterned paper, lace: I blocked it all around the tag with white thread and then I glued the smallest tag to other tag.
I added two square frames, of different sizes, that I superimposed between them and to complete I added a cork heart wrapped with thread. Finally, I added some Gold Garland Confetti and title.

love det love det2

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Grateful card by Lea

Hi  girls, Lea  here …. This week I wanted to make a spring card to thank a friend.


The base is formed by two superimposed rectangles of patterned paper; I superimposed on this surface a series of elements, adding the thickness also, to create greater dynamism. I used a white shipping tag, a white doily, other pieces of patterned papers, the simple colored thread of cotton and white cord wrapped a few times to form a circle and stuck with the stapler. At the center stands a beautiful butterfly die cut. I inserted here and there some hearts cork (Chunky hearts and Forever love hearts) and a cascade of sequins from the Mint Chip Mix that with its colors fit perfectly to the color scheme used on the card. Finally, as usual, the turquoise and gold splashes.card det4card det2card det3