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Take a Chance!

Guest designer Jenn here, back with my last post for the month, and I’m taking a page out of my daughter’s book today.  She is all about finding ways to express herself through fashion, makeup, and her hair.  She recently decided she wanted her hair dyed a beautiful peachy ombré, a bit of a risk for her because she is still new to colouring her hair and needed to lighten it for the first time, before colouring it.  Gotta love youthful enthusiasm, she didn’t hesitate at all, and my inner scrapbooker was so excited because I knew I had the perfect die cut embellishment to document her new hair (the Mum in me, meanwhile, was crying “why do they have to grow up so fast”? wahhhh 🙁  ).

To document her new hair I decided to follow her lead and take some risks of my own.  I’m usually happy to try a new technique or get messy with mixed media, but the idea I had floating around in my head also involved cutting up a pretty piece of paper that I knew I only had one of, GULP!  I went for it though, took the risk, and I think it paid off 🙂

To work up my confidence I started my layout by using a technique I haven’t done since elementary school.  I used some Jane Davenport Mermaid markers and Recollections mist to add some blue and green water ‘splashes’ at the bottom of the page.  I just let some big drops of colour fall onto the page and then used the straw to blow the liquid across the page.  I’ll admit, at this point, I thought “uh oh”, maybe that wasn’t a good idea, but I decided to stick with it and see where it would take me!

I cut some blue doilies in half and layered them at the bottom of the page, over the water colour splashes, then took the plunge and cut out the shape of a tail from the pretty Cosmo Cricket paper I’ve been hoarding.  To finish the tail, I used some purple paper from Pink Paisley’s Summer Lights 6×6 paper pad.  I also used some of their 6×6 papers and die cuts to layer behind the photo.  For a title I used the die cut that I initially thought of when my daughter asked to dye her hair, Mermaid Hair Don’t Care.

To finish the page I pulled out the sequins!!!  I used the Intense aqua, Gold Satin, and Silver shells, and the Wild and Free, Sweet Summer Vibes, and an exclusive Wild Whisper Designs, sequins packs.  I used the sequins to decorate the tail, add detail and shine to the waves, and add some splash around the layout.  I had so much fun playing and creating this layout 🙂

Check out my Youtube channel for a process video of this layout.

I’d like to say a big Thank You to Jody, and all of the Sparklers for an amazing month as guest designer.  I’ve had such a blast being part of your team and I truly appreciate it 🙂

Thanks to everyone for popping by!!!

Happy Scrapping,



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Finish What you Start!


Hello again, Jenn the guest designer here!!!  This past week, in one of the Facebook groups I belong to the question was asked “how many unfinished projects do you have on the go”?  Overwhelmingly, the answer was “MANY”.  This is a topic that comes up often in my local scrapbook group, especially when we plan a scrap day together.  We all bring our unfinished December Daily’s, summer mini albums, and Project Life albums and hope that we can get some motivation from each other to finish them.

I, personally, don’t feel pressure to be ‘caught up’ necessarily (is that even possible?) but I have noticed that the amount of unfinished projects I have is growing, and I really need to tackle them.  I wouldn’t say that I get bored with my projects, but just that something new inevitably comes along to steal my focus.  It feels really good to finish something you’ve started, though, so I am going to take all the excitement and energy I have for my Traveler’s Notebook insert of our summer trip and run with it.  I’ve kept my kit out and whenever I have a few minutes I do something in it.  Once this project is done, I’ll keep up the momentum by grabbing another unfinished project, putting a little kit together and leaving it out and accessible.  I can work on it while watching tv, or in between working on the to-do list.  Just 10 minutes of work here and there, will have these projects done in no time 🙂

Here are the two most recent layouts I finished in my notebook.  I started with some texture paste through a stencil to make little clouds then let it dry while I went out to run some errands.  When I got back I used some Shimmerz spritz in Chick-a-dee and smooshed it on the pages, then went and started some prep work for supper while it dried.  I came back and added some Reflections spray in blue, and picked out a few die cuts I thought I’d like to use.  Before I knew it, I had two layouts done and ready for some pretty SpiegelMom Scraps cork hearts and sequins.  I used several different mixes of sequins and I love that I could find all the colours I needed and that they work so well together, to give the layouts some shine!!!  The layouts are simple, but still loaded with little details that make them interesting.

Because I scrap in our living room (or sometimes the kitchen table for big projects) I can’t use this piece by piece approach for every project.  I just can’t leave my stuff all over the place because little fingers will be in to it, but for all my small projects like mini albums and December Daily, this is the way to go for me.  Now to find the trick for how to stop myself from being swooned by new projects before I’ve finished the old ones!!!  How many unfinished projects have you got waiting to be finished?  Do you have a strategy for getting them done?  I’d love to hear it 🙂

Thanks so much for popping by!  To see how I created these layouts please check out the process video

Happy Scrapping,


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Getting my Groove Back!

Hello, guest designer Jenn back with another layout!

If you have kids, then you will know what I mean when I say that September often feels more like the ‘new year’ then January does.  Back to school means the start of a new year for our kids, and also the start to new routines for us parents.  This year in my household we have three big school milestones with our oldest starting junior high, the middle starting his first year of full time school in grade one, and our baby starts kindergarten (sniff sniff 🙁 ).  Everyone has a new schedule to get used to, and it usually takes a little time for us to find our groove.  Because I don’t have a scraproom, and do all my crafting ‘out in the open’ in our living room, I find myself thrown off a little by big changes, and lose my mojo.  Here is what I do to get it back:

Step 1: I kick everyone out of the house… I work full time outside of the house during the day, which means most of my scrapping gets done when everyone is home.  Most of the time I’m happy to work with them around me, and I really do enjoy scrapping away with onlookers and little hands trying to help, but in moments where I need to touch base with my creativity, I like some time alone, which means asking my family to give me 30 minutes.  They don’t actually have to leave the house, but for 30 minutes “Mom” is off duty!

Step 2: I go through my stash and pull out all my favourite things.  Papers I’ve been hoarding, embellishments I’ve really wanted to use that just haven’t found a home yet, and all my staple items.  For me, that’s usually 6×6 paper pads, enamel dots, gold Heidi Swapp Color Shine, and sequins!

Step 3: I go back to the basics!  Why reinvent the wheel?  We all have a comfortable layout design that is our ‘go-to’, so I go to it.  My never-fail layout usually combines a triangle of embellishment clusters, with every embellishment repeated in each cluster, one picture with tons of patterned paper layers behind it, and a sprinkle of shimmer to finish it off.

Step 4: I pick one new thing.  Maybe a new product or a new technique.  Nothing too crazy, just something to add a spark to the layout, something to motivate a little creativity and excitement as you create, that inspires you to get your groove back!!!  Like these beautiful sequins and Shimmerz sprays from SpiegelMom Scraps 🙂

It took a little time and fussing, but I finally got back into my comfort zone and came up with a layout that I really like.  If you have any tips for getting your scrapbooking groove back I’d love to hear them!

I have a process video coming up shortly on my Youtube channel if you’d like to see how I made this layout. Thanks for popping by!!!

Happy Scrapping,






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Documenting on Vacation

Hello, I’m Jenn, a guest designer for the month 🙂

Wow, I can’t believe it’s back to school already… did that summer fly by or what? We’re nearing the end of our 6 week cross-country trip, with only a few days left to go, then back to reality we go.  It’s been a really amazing trip, but six weeks is a long time to go without any scrapbooking so I’m really glad I brought along a few crafty supplies to document my trip.  I’ve really enjoyed the Traveler’s Notebook style and I find it has helped me out quite a bit with keeping track of everything we’ve done and remembering all the little moments throughout our trip.  With my ZIP printer as a way of printing little pictures, I’ve been able to use a combination of journaling, pictures, and all the ephemera (so so so much ephemera) I’ve been collecting to document our trip easily.  It’s also given me a little crafty “save my sanity” time to myself, which has been key to surviving six weeks on the road with the family!!!

This layout documents our evening in Old Quebec City.  I really wanted to show that just because you are on the road, using a notebook, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little fancy and creative with your layouts.  I absolutely love sequins so, of course, I brought some with me on the trip, and I thought it would be fun to make a little peek-through window with some sequins inside.

The key to a layout like this one is to go with the flow! I don’t have all the tools with me that I would normally use to make a shaker pocket so I had to give myself permission to just go with the flow and embrace the imperfection of it.  I used a photo pocket I brought with me, as the window.  My little scissors to cut it out, and washi tape to hide the crooked lines.  My window is a little lop-sided and it’s slightly off center, but I love how it invites you to take a glimpse at the cobble stone streets and incredible architecture hiding behind it.  T/he sequins add a ton of sparkle and it is definitely an unexpected feature to come across as you flip through the notebook.

I have to keep reminding myself that I need to keep my embellishments flat.  I specifically left all my bulky embellishments at home and just brought flat stickers, die cuts, flat letter stickers, washi tape, and stamps.  They are all perfect ways to add those fun extra details to the page without adding extra dimension, and the sequins give the effect of dimension without causing bulk.

In total, this layout took me about 25 minutes, which was exactly the amount of ‘me time’ I needed this evening after a 7 hour drive.  I had so much fun bringing this idea to life and I love how it turned out 🙂  Please feel free to check out my process video if you’d like to see how I did it!!!

Thanks so much for popping by 🙂

Happy Scrapping,