Scrappy Friday – Moments de Tendresse

Hello There,

This month at Spieglemomscraps, we’re using our tools and we are creating  along a winter theme.

Of cours, winter is associated with Christmas, and I’m sharing with you one of the Christmas presents I’m going to offer. This one is for my mother-in-law. I’ve captured some pics of all her grand children on their social medias, printed them and made an album for her, from A to Z. Here is a video:

The structure is very simple, it consists of white cardstock sheets and a cardboard cover. I’ve covered the cover with some paper and a Christmas-like rubbon, glittering with gold. I added a snowflake chipboard and some white thread.

I used the same collection as far as papers and embellishments are concerned. It gives the album harmony.

Then I decided to use my Cuttlebug and add some die cuts. I’ve got a Cameo, but I also like to use die cuts since it’s more simple and faster. However, die cuts are expensive on the longrun….

Here are some of my favourites.

I then decided to add some of Spiegelmomscraps Cork embellishments along with the Peachy Keeny sequins, which perfectly match my paper collection.

I’m really happy to focus on handmade presents this year, which mean, according to me, a lot more because they come from the heart.

What about you? Do you offer hand-made presents? And have you started to prepare them?

See you next week for another Scrappy Friday!

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Love from France. xxx


Scrappy Friday – Nature Today

Hello there!

I’m back here for my Scrappy Friday with a brand new theme since today is December 1st. This month, we’ve decided to talk about winter and use our scrappy tools.

As far as I’m concerned, where I live in France winter is slowly approaching. It’s getting colder and colder and it rains a lot  (we sometimes even have hail storms).

So I decided to use the Spiegelmomscrap’s Umbrella Free Cut File  and I was looking for the perfect picture when suddenly I looked by the window…. The perfect picture and its rainbow where just waiting to be taken outside my scraproom… I then added some orange papers to mat my pictures and grab some embellishments. Some tags and stamps later, I only had to add the Just Beachin’ It sequins to match it all.I really like documenting this kind of details in my traveller note book since everyday little details are part of my happiness, and I often take the time to admire a rainbow, a sunset, or leaves whirling in the wind…..

I enjoy using my cameo as well, even if I often struggle with it. Have you checked the brand new winter free cut files in the blog?See you next week for a brand new Scrappy Friday!

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Love from France. xxx



Scrappy Friday – Embrace Today


Here I am with a new Scrappy Friday, creating along with a sketch by Laura Rumble.

The problem with Laura is that she masters sewing so well it undoubtedly inspires her to create her sketches. The problem with me is that I haven’t got a clue on how to sew, so I have to use a lot of imagination to do it differently. LOL! Here is my page:

I used a picture taken by my daughter Maëlle (14yo) when we were in Ireland 2 weeks ago. See how she perfectly managed to capture both Pierre’s movement and the ricochets on the surface of the water. Pure art, don’t you think?

As far as I’m concerned, I printed this pic’ in black and white and decided to associate it with one of my favourite scrap color : Orange. Then, I used various circle stamps as well as some cork embellishments along with the now famous Puppy Dog Tails sequins (and officially my favourites!)

See you next week for a brand new Scrappy Friday!

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Scrappy Friday – Smile

Hello There,

This is the sketch I followed : And this is my page.

The photo was taken on my spending spree in Version Scrap Rennes, with a very close scrappy friend of mine.  To win a contest in one of our favourite scrap shop, we were required to take a selfie in front of the shop wall covered with balloons. The perfect excuse to scrap it afterwards and get a souvenir of this moment. I’m soooo hopeless at selfies!

I also decided to use some of the stash I’ve been buying on that particular day (most of them stamps), as if I were inaugurating them LOL!

Then I splattered my page with some cork embellishments and the 2Cool4U sequins. It gave me the opportunity to scrap in yellow and blue, something I rarely do, and make my page looks as dynamic as my day was!Have a nice weeknd, Love from France,




Scrappy Friday – Love Much

Hello There,

As you probably know, this month we’re playing with Sketches and Circles! This is the sketch for this week :

And this is my page….

I’ve decided to document a spending spree in Version Scrap Rennes, an annual meeting for scrappers in France, and this time it took place in Britanny, where I live. This was the opportunity to meet scrappers I’d only met through social medias before, and also, of course, to buy some scrappy stuff! LOL!

To embody the circle, I used the Spiegelmomscraps Doilies (I wish I could sew….)

The Ferris Wheel sequins were just perfect to match the colors of one of my favorite scrappy place in Rennes : The Crafterie. I splattered the rest of the page using color-matching embellishments.

And to make them stand out, I decided to use a gray bazzil sheet.

Hope you like it. Personally I’m glad to keep a memory from this precious moment.

See you next Friday!




Scrappy Scary Friday!- A Traveller’s Notebook Page

Hello there,

When you read this post, I’ll be on my way to Ireland, ready to celebrate Hallowe’en in one of my favourite countries. That’s why I decided to document this on my Traveller’s Notebook. Please be kind, this is one of my very first pages. I must say however I quite enjoy doing it.As you probably know, I’m French and Hallowe’en didn’t exist in our country a few decades ago. That’s why when I came to live in Wales (UK), and when I opened the door to a …..witch (!!!!)… My first reaction was to scream and slam the door in the poor little girl face…. To my own defence, I have to tell you I was sleeping when she knocked, and I really thought, emerging from my dreams, that she would cast a spell on me…LOL. That was back in 1991, the poor little girl must be around 35 today, and I guess she still remembers her encounter with a mad French person. Not sure this is very good for our reputation abroad… LOL!

To decorate my page, I used the brand new Puppy Dog Tails sequins (to be released on Nov 1st), since they perfectly matched with my picture. I must confess I’m totally in love wih them!

Gradually, Hallowe’en has become a celebration in France, but I have to admit nothing is better than celebrating it in English-Speaking countries where you guys really know what it’s all about! So that provides me with a good argument to convince my family to go and visit Ireland on mid-term holidays. This has become a rendez-vous no-one would want to miss.

Wishing you all a Happy & Scary Hallowe’en!

Love from France!



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Scrappy Friday – Cat’s Whiskers

Hello there!

This week at SpiegelMomscraps, as you probably know, we’re scraplifting Kelly Barron . I must confess I didn’t know her before, and I am very grateful to have discovered her creative world. This is the page I’ve chosen to scraplift:

What I particularly liked about this layout was the use of different stripes of paper as a background behind the picture.

Since the photo I decided to use was not horizontal but vertical, I decided to turn the pattern of the page on a vertical line, and that is the final result:

Just like Kelly, I used different stripes of paper behing my photo, as well as a tag and a ribbon.

Kelly’s scrap is rather clean and simple so I decided to use far less inks and stamps than I usually do.

My choice was to use the brand new Unicorns and Rainbows sequins (to be released in November) along with thePinkadelic Acri Tonez from Shimmertz Paints. (Acrylic paint)

Then I added some embellishments all around my picture, just like Kelly did on her layout. I think you’ve all identified the cat-focused collection from My Mind’s Eyes LOL!

Once again, that was the perfect excuse to scrap Sardine! What about you, do you enjoy scrapping your pet?

That’s all for today, I’d like to thank Kelly again for the inspiration.

See you soon for another Scrappy (Creepy?) Friday.

Love from France?


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