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Take It Easy LO by Yuliya Khudyakova

Hi there! Tuesday is mine and today I am ready to inspire you with a short post and simple, easy LO.  Sometimes we feel that life seems to be complicated  too much and solution of many problems depends on you. And all what you want is peace, harmony and balance, ability to solve problems deliberately.  But all what you really need is love and self-respect .  In this way you should start to take life easy. May be it helps you to get wings?

I am fond of creating project like this one. Capturing moments and beauty of separate pics are the one side of scrapbooking, but it has another one: something elusive about feelings and emotions. If I want to say something, or remember my feelings, I create motivating layout. It works you know!)


If you want to repeat my experience, do not forget that the whole structure of  your LO should be as close as possible to your emotional state. The ease of creating project depends on ease of matched decorative elements like a couple of sequins from SpiegelMom Scraps for example, balanced palette have a strong meaning too.

Supplies are used: Moonshine Delight Sequins,  Pink Royalty Sequins, Crushin’ on Purple Sequins.

That is all for today I think. Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Take It Easy LO by Yuliya Khudyakova

  1. What a meaningful & stunning post Yulia!!! Just beautiful in so many ways

    1. Thank U SO much, Jody!! It is a great success that I’ve managed to create a stunning post with my awful English)))) I am happy!)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! You really captured your emotions well in this layout! Love it!

    1. Thank you, dear!! Capturing my emotions well into my works is the best quality of mine))

  3. This is such a special way to capture what you are feeling….so lovely and unique!!

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