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by the sea with Laura

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Hey Guys, Laura here today.  Are you guilty of having something in your stash that has sat unused for years?  I am – lets pull those unloved supplies out and use them!  I have had the stencil I used for my background for years… possibly 6?  Maybe more!!


I grabbed three colours of Dazzlerz texture paste – Gummy Berry Blue, Sour Apple Green and Lemon Drop Yellow.  I used the three colours separately through the stencil leaving a little gap in between the colours.  I then came back to the gaps and filled them with a mixture of the two colours from either side.  I have found the key to clean stencilling is to manipulate the paste as little as possible.  The more times you  go over it with a palette knife the more opportunity for the paste to spread underneath the stencil (as my sour apple did).


I then gathered some matching sequins.  Let’s Be Mermaids was a good place to start with its big blues and little yellows.  I fancied adding a few bigger yellow sequins too and pulled these from the Spring Blooms mix.


Thanks for joining me today, and don’t forget to dig out those unused supplies and show them some love!

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  1. So cute, Sarah….love those sequins!!

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